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Different Styles For Appointment Cards

Medical Appointment Cards

We offer several styles of cards suited to physician officers, with your choice of colors, fonts and customized text. There is no additional charge to add your logo. There can be customization to include check boxes for each individual physician or a fill in the blank line to add the physician’s name for the particular appointment. Further customization includes multiple office location addresses and phone #s. We include all professional designations on the card.

Dental Appointment Cards

We specialize in dental cards as most of our customers are in the dental and orthodontic professional. There is more opportunity for for creative designs in the dental field, to include your logo or any of our existing stock imagery that we have available. We have several attractive tooth/teeth oriented designs on file that can be used to make an attractive card for your office. In particular, we have several “pediatric dentistry” themed designs on file if you do not have an existing logo to use.

Chiropractic Appointment Cards

We also specialize in cards for the chiropractic profession. We have several “spine” type designs to use on the cards. Patients of chiropractic offices tend to be seen more frequently than in other medical professions, so we design our cards with this in mind to include spaces for at least three appointments.

Multiple Appointment Cards

We can create your card to include slots for multiple times, up to five for one card. This can be an efficient and cost effective way to create cards as it makes it unnecessary to waste multiple cards for one patient who is being seen more frequently within a given time frame.

University Cards

Eucleian Society Literary Appointment Card

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Simmons College Card

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Medical Dictionary

Avoiding patient no shows for appointments. This is a great artile about tactics that can be used to avoid patient no shows.

New Services Saves UK Healtcare system money: NHS patients write their own appointment cards to save money. The British National Healt Service, NHS, estimates that they loose close to one billion (US) dollars every year due to patients missing their appointment times. In a new pilot program, NHS patients are givien cards where they (not the receptionist) writes down the date and time of the appointment. This has been shown to cut "no shows" down by up to 30%, thereby saving the sytem much needed resources and money. They have also started a new program of card advertising to bring in revenue.

Texas Tech offers dual business and appointment cards to save money. A project of the Health Sciences Cente.