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Constructing Bi-Lingual/Multi Language Appointment Cards in Diverse Environments


There is not doubt that the USA rapidly turning into a multi-lingual nation, with Spanish becoming almost a second language in many parts of the nation. Many of the recent immigrants do not have a good grasp of the English language, so it’s necessary to create signs and stationary in both English and Spanish. It is also a good idea to extend this to physician appointment cards for the non-English speaking patients.

There is hardly enough room on just one side of the card for dual English/Spanish (or Chinese, Vietnamese) translations, so in this case it’s best to have a dual-sided card, with the front of the card in English and the back side in whatever language you choose. In the example below the alternate language is Spanish. The front side is of course in English, with the requisite info: office/physician name, address, phone, fax, email, web address, appointment time and date, along with the patient name.

The back side has the specific appointment text in Spanish, with Spanish words for the date/time to avoid any miscommunication with the non-English speaking patient. The primary address and phone numbers are repeated on the Spanish side so that the patient can contact you should he not be able to come as the specified time.

We can easily create the back side of the card in Spanish for you. We can also do other languages that use the standard European/Latin alphabet. It is up to you though to confirm that the English translation to your required language is correct as we have no way of confirming if it is correct. We use Google translate to do our translation on the appointment cards.  We can also do languages like Chinese, Vietnamese or even Arabic, however, in these cases its completely up to you to provide the correct translation for us for these languages. As always, we can create the card in any color you want.

multi-lingual appointment card

Although not that common as an alternative language in the USA (except in older immigrant communities in the Midwest), German is still a major language and it may be necessary to place the days of the week on the card in the German language in addition to English. The German days of the week closely correspond with the English days of the week and they can conveniently fit with the same small 2 x 3.5 inch linear space as with the other designs. The days of the week might be slightly longer by they can fit on the appointment card if you are careful with the placement. The German language looks better in serif fonts on the cards.

If the cards are going to be printed in Germany, than it’s important to know that they have different size standards using the metric measure system rather than our old English system. Appointment cards would be meausre in millimeters rather than in inches.

German language reminder card